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Valve Dirt Stoppers · Manhole Inserts


Valve Dirt Stoppers - Nationwide

JC Utility sells Valve Dirt Stoppers. Valve Dirt Stoppers reduce the times a valve box has to be cleaned out on order to reach the operating nut. The Stoppers are long lasting. Download the Dirt Stopper pdf for future reference or call now to order.

  Manhole Inserts

Manhole Insert Sales - Nationwide

JC Utility also sells Manhole Inserts. The Manhole Insert is a high
molecular weight polyethylene insert that is manufactured for
installation in sewer, electrical abd telecommunication systems.
The insert provides a water tight seal between the manhole rim
and cover. This seal eliminatss water run-off from entering the
sewer, electrrical ortelecommunications systems.


JC Utility sells a large range of PVC pipe products in North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. As noted by our supplier Diamond Plastics "PVC pipe offers an unparalleled combination of toughness, resiliency, corrosion resistance, versatility and ease of handling. And it is available in sizes and wall thicknesses designed for your application."

"We offer the industry’s largest range of sizes, supplying gravity PVC piping products through 60 inches in diameter and PVC pressure piping products up to 48 inches in diameter. Whether you need piping solutions for industrial, municipal or agricultural applications, we have just the right 21st Century product to meet your needs today… and for years to come."